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Product Review: Anthony Skincare

About my skin before we delve into the product review, step by step: I have what is considered normal skin that is generally clear with the occasio…

Product Review: AG Colour Savour

I might seem biased because my background before working in fashion was working in haircare, but I’m a big believer that not just any shampoo…


LUMAS Art Now Launches in Gastown

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new Art New Collection at Lumas in Gastown, co-hosted with Vancouver’s life and style blog…


Sock It to Us: Socks Get Fun & Funky

Socks – often overlooked items that you absent-mindedly slip on in the morning, or else frustratingly scour the dryer for when one …



Top 10 Looks From Eco Fashion Week

Eco Fashion Week Season 10 proved that creating clothes with sustainability in mind doesn’t need to mean boring. With a bit of creativity…

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