“because you can’t blo yourself”

The Blo one year anniverary block party, themed Naughty or Nice elicited some of Vancouver’s most creative (slash costumey) outfits. Witnessed full out forties glam in a flapper style dress, crowned with a mini top hat, with ruby red shoes to match. Besides the few, Vancouver’s well known for people to dress up in club wear whenever the given excuse.

Naughty or Nice translated into scandalous… and pink. Models were dressed in Agent Provacteur painting with chocolate from inside a window display. In the adjacent window, nothing more provocative than a little public S&M. Aziya, the new mobile spa was there to fulfill their great cause: to fill the guests’ nails with every shade of pink, polish producer OPI, makes under the sun. Even the live art was infused with a lot of pink; artist Brent Ray Fraser performed splatter painting with multifarious shades of pink.

It was a great night as the fashion crowds mixed & mingled, the night waxed & waned. Blo owner Devon was seen running in her sand brown Herve Leger body-con cleaning the party’s remnants: pink balloons and pink fashion crowd road blocks.

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  1. Loved the comments! Loved the girls! Loved the paint all over my body just before it hit my canvas! thanks for the blurb! Wait till you see the video I will be publishing on my new site. Cheers!

    Brent Ray Fraser

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