Meet DesireeAnne: Style by Fire’s New Intern

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Please join us in welcoming DesireeAnne, Style by Fire’s first intern! We’re excited to have Des help us out as well as show her the ropes to the local fashion industry. Keep reading to learn more about this awesome girl!

My name is DesireeAnne, I am so excited to be apart of the Style by Fire team.

I grew up as your average tomboy girl on the cold prairies of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. When I wasn’t at the hockey rink or the baseball diamond, I was gaming with my two older brothers at home. Needless to say, I was a bit of a jock! I ended up spending the past five years working with children with Autism. I learned so much about myself from working with such amazing kids, that they inspired me to follow my heart.

My life ended up taking a 180-degree turn, and I decided to pursue my new-found dream… FASHION! I packed up Gertrude (my 1990 Toyota Camry) and headed for the west coast. From lacing up my hockey skates and singing the alphabet in Kindergarten to scoring an internship at Holt Renfrew and discussing high-end designers at fashion school, it’s safe to say I have gone from one extreme to another. Now I can’t imagine living my life any other way.

I am currently attending John Casablancas Institute, taking a Fashion Business & Creative Arts diploma and am becoming more in love with fashion every day. I don’t know where I will end up in this exciting industry but there is something fascinating about the unknown. In the few months I have been in Vancouver, I have already met so many amazing people and I know this BIG city has so much to offer me. I am looking forward to sharing stories with you and continuing to learn about the exciting world of fashion!

– DesireeAnne

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