Who Wore It The Best? Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2014 Gala

How can we accurately describe the Vancouver Fashion Week opening gala? It’s like a style version of survival of the fittest, where everyone flaunts their brightest colours in order to “make it.” This season, it was the busiest we have ever seen VFW. Lots of familiar faces were in attendance along with an entirely new crowd. But most importantly, everyone was dressed to impress. We have our top picks, and who do you think rocked it the best?

Is it eyewear connoisseur Sue Randhawa,TV host Fiona Forbes, or someone else?

VFW Gala-19

Joanna Kritikos colour blocks in summery hues. Dominique Hanke in her signature Hive Mind Millinery hats, as usual! We absolutely love Maria Kritikos’, founder of the Ladies Who Lunch Network, floral pantsuit and purple accessories. Romielle Designer Anastacia sports the hottest bag, the Celine Luggage Tote, in a beautiful combo of black, white, and deep red.

VFW Gala-13

Peruvian designer Jose Zafra with his model. He has one of the most anticipated collections for fashion week.

VFW Gala-7

The lovely couple Warren Flandez and Katherine Borthwick, studio owners of Studio Cloud 30. I feel like whatever these two put on they’re bound to look smashing. #fact. Psst… they will be hosting another pop-up sale soon!

VFW Gala-16

Twin sister designers from the UK, Nadia + Zehra. Their unique beat might be a little out there for the Vancouver scene, but they definitely stand out among any crowd.

Aurora and Miranda VFW FW14 Gala

And of course, there’s us. If you didn’t think we felt like we deserve to be contenders of best dressed, well you might want to read another blog. lol Thanks so much to Peter Jensen for taking this shot of us. It’s always great to do our job of documenting everyone else but from time to time we love getting some camera time too ;)

Photos by Aurora Chan

Photo of Style by Fire by Peter Jensen

Miranda Sam


Miranda Sam is a fashion and retail writer who loves shopping—and writing about it! Her fashion loves: MAC lipsticks and Saffiano leather.

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