5 Ways VALT Isn’t Your Usual Fashion Week

9B3A2841As we’ve shown in the previous post, the Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week (aka VALT) celebrates fashion that’s outside the box and embodies wearable art. But the word ‘Arts’ in the name means this 3-day event is more than just about fashion; it’s a showcase of all creative genres.  Be prepared to be stimulated and inspired by your surroundings in multiple ways.  What do I mean exactly? Here are 5 reasons to make sure your calendar is free for VALT’s return next November:


Professional make-up artist and award-winning bodypainter Jennifer Little of A Little Artistry! is a master at transforming the human body into a walking work of fantastical art.  She was commissioned by VALT to paint the bodies of the two MCs for Day 1, the theme of which was Terrestria. She was also on hand to demonstrate live bodypainting on a model, after which the model imprinted her bodypaint onto a canvas to create a whole new freestyle work of art.

Teresa Bussey of Dead Heaven Extreme Makeup Artistry was VALT’s Makeup Manager, and created the Celestia-themed looks of MCs Tristan Risk and Burns the Dragon for Day 2.


VALT 2015 Event-11
Jennifer Little with model
VALT 2015 Event-19
MCs Tristan Risk & Burns the Dragon


In between the runway shows, attendees had the opportunity to listen to live musical performances by local indie bands in a variety of genres, ranging from ambient electronica to a solo accordionist. This was a rare chance to check out emerging musicians who may not often get the chance to perform live.

VALT 2015 Event-13
Quantum Council
VALT 2015 Event-2
Dan Snakehead
VALT 2015 Event-22
Messica Wild


Where there’s music, dancing is not far behind. VALT featured two dancers onstage who both injected dynamic energy into the room.  Kevin Shazam Li funk-ified the stage, performing a catchy piece that entailed a unique mixture of street dance and hip hop.  Wearing an edgy black costume that included a helmet encasing her face in long sharp teeth, Dezi Desire interpreted the burlesque routine in her own style, which had a definite bite.

Kevin Shazam Li
Dezi Desire
Dezi Desire


Besides the live art, one side of the room was reserved for showcasing a variety of 2-dimensional art by local artists. This included paintings, sketches, photography, sculpture, and prints.  This was an opportunity to not only check out local talent, but also to purchase any favourites.

VALT 2015 Event-1
Artists Suzann Kingston & Shay Lhea

VALT 2015 Event-6

VALT 2015 Event-3


Last but not least, the people in the room were arguably the most intriguing element. Combining designers, artists, stylists, musicians, models, media, and appreciators of the alternative scene, VALT was a great way to meet and mingle with a medley of fascinating individuals.

VALT Co-Founders Kat Kozak & Kat Ferneyhough
VALT 2015 Event-10
Team SBF: Aurora & Vicki
VALT 2015 Event-20
Lapin Rouge designer, friend, & Brian Iliscupidez
VALT 2015 Event-15
Mandy Carnahan, Faria Whokares, Shay Lhea, & Aurora

Photos by Mauricio Vasquez, Mike Wu Photography, & Aurora Chan.


Aurora Chan

Writer & Photographer

Aurora Chan is a photographer, writer, actress, and model. She’s always loved fashion and the art of photography. By age 10, she was stealing her mother’s Vogue magazines and taking pictures with her first camera.

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