Aritzia to Open Larger Store at CF Richmond Centre

Bigger is Better

We noticed the Aritzia at CF Richmond Centre is moving to a larger space, at the former Banana Republic store. Aritzia’s public relations representative was not aware of this development at the time we reached out, but we’ll keep you posted on any news releases.

Bye Bye, Banana Republic

When asked why BR was no longer there, a representative at the mall simply said, “They didn’t renew their lease.” This is not surprising, considering “Banana Republic has seen seven consecutive quarters of negative comps,” according to a Market Realist article. BR is the worst performing under the Gap Inc family of brands, and it’s really Old Navy’s successes that’s keeping the company in a decent place.

Expansion: Easy Does It

In the past few years, Aritzia has been carefully expanding its existing stores while adding more standalone stores for its in-house brands like Wilfred and Babaton. While we haven’t seen much activity on TNA’s end, it was the first of the brands to have its own standalone store. It must have been due to the success (and subsequent downward trend) of those darn TNA tracksuits.

Miranda Sam


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