Forget Kylie’s Lip Kit, Try ColourPop Cosmetics

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, matte lipstick is here to stay and unless you’re a Kardashian/Jenner, $29 USD is a bit pricy if you’re into experimenting with lip colours. Well one quick Pinterest search will let you know that ColourPop is the #1 recommend dupe for the Kylie Cosmetics kits in formula and staying power.

Where ColourPop has the upper hand over the youngest Jenner is in its extensive variety of colours and the fact that they’re priced at $6 USD for the liquid lipstick and $5 USD for the lip pencil. Despite the significant difference in price, it still took me (a self-proclaimed matte lip-lover) months to try out ColourPop. Because of its large selection I kept nitpicking over how to narrow down my choices. Every shade imaginable was available and I was like a kid in a candy shop, how could I decide?

Lipstick: Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin

When they introduced their collaboration with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty I knew it was time to try out the brand that beauty bloggers everywhere have been raving about. I decided to purchase the mini-lip kit, Puroland, for $18 USD which came with 3 matte colours and 2 satin colours. They were also the ideal size for testing out the lip products for the first time.

My initial thoughts on the ultra matte lip in Milk Bottle was that the colour payoff was high and that it applied easily. Because I have fuller lips, liquid mattes can sometimes end up streaky on my lips because it takes more than one swipe to get full coverage, however ColourPop dried to a nice even finish. Drying almost instantly, I was surprised to find that my lips were a comfortable dry, meaning that the product did not dry out my lips but dried to a natural feeling of not wearing anything on them at all. Throughout the day I found myself checking to see if reapplication was needed and was pleasantly surprised to see that my lips survived through lunch, several glasses of water and even a few smooches. It wasn’t until the 8-10 hour mark that I found I needed a slight touch-up but nothing so drastic that I would avoid wearing the matte colours in the first place.

The ultra satin lip formula dries to a more velvety finish, giving it more of a traditional lipstick look. I found that Tiny Chum had some serious colour, however it lacked the long-wear wow that comes with the ultra matte lip formulas (or as ColourPop says, the colours “kiss and tell”). One plus side of it not being as clingy to your lips is that the formula seems to have more flexibility to it while it’s on your lips and doesn’t pull or shrink like mattes tend to. Because of this it also does not settle into the fine line of your lips which in turn tends to  make your lips look more plump.

Eyeshadow: Matte & Metallic Pressed Shadow

I’m a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette because I like not having to decide which colours complement each other well. However, when ColourPop had a promotion to receive an empty palette with every purchase of 4 pressed powders I thought I would put my colour coordinating skills to the test. I tend to stick to matte eyeshadows but decided to throw in one metallic shadow into the mix for fun. Their pressed shadows are $5 each so it was difficult for me to stick to buying only four to try out.

Noticeably stellar were the pigmentation and texture factors. All of the colours I picked had a beautiful finish while being easy to build up for more coverage. The application was easy as the blendability factor of mattes is quite high. I did find that due to the fact that the application is so effortless I had to keep in mind to have a light hand while apply the shadows as to not over do it.

I was apprehensive about the metallic colour (Pinky Promise) because I tend to find that metallics and shimmers lend themselves to being flakey and hard to apply. Pinky Promise provided a full coverage foil-like finish without making me look like I had dipped my face into a childs’ art project.

Overall the longevity of all four shadows were impressive considering their cost. There was some minor fading by the end of eight hours but I found that there was no creasing and no raccoon eyes by days’ end.

The Verdict

Wearing “The News” and “Pinky Promise” eyeshadows and “Tiny Chum” Ultra Satin Lip

Overall ColourPop lives up to the hype surrounding it. With an affordable price point and a large selection of colours to pick from it’s no wonder why ColourPop is a beauty blogger favourite. While both the eyeshadows and the liquid lipsticks were would-buy-again worth,y it’s the Ultra Matte Lip that takes the cake. If you’re only going to try one product from ColourPop make sure it’s the Ultra Matte Lip.

Vicki Duong


Vicki Duong is a self-proclaimed multifaceted fashion hustler. Since moving to Vancouver in 2013 she has styled editorial shoots, costumed for film and television, worked in fashion distribution and wholesaling and wardrobed for world tours. When it comes to shopping she keeps the planet and its inhabitants in mind by purchasing sustainable, ethically produced, or second-hand whenever possible.

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