5 Qs with Jennifer Brodeur, Oprah’s Skincare Guru

Jennifer Brodeur, Oprah’s skincare guru

About 5Qs: We’re doing a new mini-interview series that asks each featured guest only 5 questions, no more, no less. And the main thing is that we’re doing it OLD SCHOOL—that is, we’re speaking to each fashion & beauty expert—none of this email interview stuff! It’s meant to give you a quick glimpse into what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes, their challenges, their industry insights, insider tips … that kinda thing!

We were super excited to meet Jennifer Brodeur aka Oprah’s skin guru at the Project Skin MD x Skinceuticals event, and have her as our first guest on 5Qs! She was super nice in person and shows a real passion for taking good care of skin. Read on.

1. What did you do before you became Oprah’s skin guru?

JB: I always believed there was a direct correlation about what you eat and how your skin is. That’s why I studied to be a teacher, and taught chemistry and biology. I was more into “How does it work?” rather than “How can I cover this up?” I prefer figuring out what’s making your skin not work so I can fix it. Once I fix it you won’t have to cover it up anymore, which is why I’ve never worn makeup and I’ve never been a makeup girl.

2. How did you get into skincare if you’re not a “Makeup Person”?

JB: I was always curious about why people’s skin looks the way it does. When I look at someone I always try to figure out what’s happening, because skin tells a story of the bigger picture. My mom would say that even as a very young child, I was always curious about why someone’s skin was dry, or red, and I tried to do something about it. I always applied face creams on other people!

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3. How does good skin relate to makeup?

JB: Our skin speaks to us, it’s an organism, and it’s alive. That’s how I see it. I think makeup can be fantastic, but if your skin is healthy, your makeup is going to look that much better.

4. Are you wearing any makeup right now?

JB: Right now I have a bit of powder on my skin because I’ve been flying like a crazy lady! I had makeup on The Social yesterday because I was on TV, but apart from that I never wear makeup. Even when I have big galas and parties, I go with no makeup on.

5. What is the biggest game changer for women to improve their skin?

JB: That would be sleep. I think most women are sleep deprived and the interesting thing is if you’re not sleeping enough, your body is not able to rehydrate itself. When you’re sleeping, your hydration levels will balance and replenish the body. If you’re not sleeping well, you become dehydrated and your hormones go outta wack! The inflammation caused by that is what’s going to accelerate your aging process. So sleep is priority #1!

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