Skincare Review: Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

About my skin before we delve into the product review, step by step: I have what is considered normal skin that is generally clear with the occasional breakout. I wear medium-heavy makeup daily and am now very diligent about cleansing my face thoroughly before bed. I wear sunscreen daily, treat myself to a deep cleansing moisturize masque weekly after doing an extensive facial steam.

Promising to take up to ten years off your skin, Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules is a daily anti-aging serum. Truth be told, I was surprised when I was approached to do a product review on an anti-aging product because anything that promises to take a decade off my skin would essentially make me a teenager – the worst of my skincare years.

My teen years were spent trying to calm and lessen the effects of puberty and my twenties have been spent focusing on preventative skincare measures. As I approach my 30’s it might be time for me to shift my efforts to anti-aging.

Perfectly Packaged Portions

I’ve never used capsules before equating them to skincare relating to anti-aging and more along the lines of something my mom may have used, but after a few weeks of use I wish more of my skincare treatments came in capsules. With the capsules there was no need to measure out how much product to use and I found myself wasting less product.

Eco-Friendly Capsules

Another perk to the capsules were that they are biodegradable so I was able to toss the empty capsule into the compost once it’s used up.

Why Ceramide?

Ceramide is part of what keeps skin cell together and with age your skin begins to lose its ability to replenish ceramides efficiently enough to bind skin cells together resulting in lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. While none of these are immediate concerns for me, I do believe the skin you have when you’re older is based off the skin you took care of when you were younger.

Luminosity and Hydration FTW

What I did notice over the course of about two weeks was an overall improvement in the luminosity in my skin and instant hydration. I was also pleasantly surprised that a product with an oil-like consistency left my skin more radiant than greasy and that it was suitable for my day and night routine.

The Verdict

Would I purchase it again? I want to say yes, truly I do. Something about the chic gold packaging, the routine of twisting open the capsule gives this product that signature Elizabeth Arden luxury factor. However at $98.00 CAD for 60 capsules it’s a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. The math works out to be $1.63 per application and if applied twice a day that’s over $3.00 per day – but hey, it’s still cheaper than Botox if you’re trying to keep the fine lines at bay.

Vicki Duong


Vicki Duong is a self-proclaimed multifaceted fashion hustler. Since moving to Vancouver in 2013 she has styled editorial shoots, costumed for film and television, worked in fashion distribution and wholesaling and wardrobed for world tours. When it comes to shopping she keeps the planet and its inhabitants in mind by purchasing sustainable, ethically produced, or second-hand whenever possible.

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