Frank & Oak Launches Women’s Line

Photo via The Constant Shopper

Frank & Oak is my current favourite menswear brand. Based out of Montreal, their clothes are on-trend but keep it subtle so your man doesn’t feel overly metro or, god forbid, ostentatiously fashionable when stepping out. The quality of the garments is decent and the price points are very reasonable. Their warehouse sales bring down the already amazing prices to absolute steal deals. Plus there’s a brick and mortar flagship store in Gastown, with a barbershop and juice bar for a full lifestyle experience. All big brownie points for me.

So needless to say, I was totally pumped when I found out they were coming out with a women’s line. Both the retail and online stores rolled out the spring denim collection in February. Meant to be a set of reinvented basics with a nod to the 80’s and 90’s tomboy aesthetic, the pieces mainly consist of t-shirts, high-waisted tapered jeans and denim vests.

Checking out the garments in-store, I felt like I was transported back to my school days shopping at The Gap. I didn’t see any reinvention – they looked like they were sourced directly from a vintage store and sold as new. If you want to re-live your fashion looks from two decades ago, Frank & Oak’s got it. One positive thing though, the prices are comparable to the men’s line and very accessible. T-shirts are $26.50 and jeans are $89.50.

Photo via Frank & Oak
Photo via Frank & Oak
Photo via Frank & Oak

The second and final instalment of the women’s spring collection has just been released both online and in-store. Focused around the sustainable tencel fabric, which is regenerated from wood cellulose, the looks are more promising. Also consisting of very basic pieces, at least the styles have moved to the current decade. I’m always a sucker for a shirtdress, which is super easy and breezy to slip on.


Photo via Frank & Oak
Photo via Frank & Oak

All in all, I don’t see the same level of thought and subtle details that are put into the male counterparts. Perhaps because of the much more competitive women’s market, Frank & Oak is dipping their toes in tentatively to test the waters first. I hope they will soon take the bold dive in – they have an enthusiastic fan base waiting to embrace them.

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