Nordstrom Warehouse Sale: The Parking, Lineups, and Hype

Are you wondering whether you should brave the spring showers and head all the way down to New Westminster for Nordstrom Vancouver’s very first warehouse sale?

Well, if you have 3 hours to kill, it might be worth your while. But don’t expect this sale to be something you can fit into your lunch hour.

Getting There

If you normally transit, it might be best to take transit. Having a car will be more of a liability than an asset, as you can see in the photos the lineup snakes around the parking lot right in front of the warehouse sale building.

We suggest not going in through the main Howes Street entrance as many cars will take an immediate right and get stuck trying to left turn. Instead, go in from the side entrance farther along on Boyd. You’ll thank us later.


Lineups fill the parking lot. You might not want to park there.

It’s not going to be fun. We found a spot on the Nordstrom side of Queensborough but you might end up having to park on the Walmart side. Bottom line, park at the first spot you find and walk a little! You’ll be on your feet for the next few hours anyway, so what’s an extra few steps?

The (very long) Lineup

Notice how the line snakes around.

At 11am, the time doors opened, there were quite a few hundred people in line, if not reaching a thousand.

The lineup wrapped snaked around twice in front of the building, then crossed the street into the parking lot where it wrapped around three times down two aisles.

Note: You should know that there are “Extra 10% off” coupons shoppers could download for Day 1 only. Fingers crossed that’s the reason why the lineups are this insane. Perhaps the other days lineups won’t be as long?

The Deals

We were not able to line up and shop, but here are price lists via Deals In North Van on Twitter.

Ted Baker London Floral Pumps: Original price – $289.95, Warehouse price – $79.99. Photo via

Vancouver fashion blogger Britta Bisig of Vancouver Vogue was invited by event organizer, Style Democracy, to preview the sale yesterday. She said, “I had no idea what to expect for prices and was pleasantly surprised. There were great deals on some really cute Kate Spade and Ted Baker bags—it was hard to decide!”

For more indside scoop on the goods, check out Britta’s experience shopping the sale.

Marshall Mills, who attended the sale yesterday, shared a few thoughts on Facebook on the menswear situation, “The high end designer stuff is pretty much gone and everything else for men now is meh. It all went yesterday.” However, please keep in mind that new inventory will be added throughout the course of the sale.

When to Get There?

The coveted second lineup in front of building.

Sources say the first person in line showed up at 7am. But it’s not necessary to show up that early to get in at a decent time.

We spoke with a group of students who waited in line since 10:30 and had just crossed the street from the parking lot side of the lineup to the first half of the building line. When asked what kind of deals they expected to get, they said, “We’re just here for the hype!”

Your best bet: go there at least half an hour before doors open. Good luck shopping!


The lineup before crossing the road to get in front of the building.
So many people.
The crossing guard allowing people to cross in groups.
Two girls leaving the lineup.
The hustle and bustle as shoppers near entry.
It’s a waiting game.

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Miranda Sam


Miranda Sam is a fashion and retail writer who loves shopping—and writing about it! Her fashion loves: MAC lipsticks and Saffiano leather.

  1. Nordstrom can’t be doing great. Don’t they have Nordstrom Rack’s for this? Actually they do! They have over twice as many Racks as regular full price stores. Something is off with this method of doing business.

    1. Hi Stephanie, you’re right—they do! I did a little research and two things to note is that a) “only 20% of Nordstrom Rack product comes directly from the full-line stores” and b) many department stores (Saks Off Fifth) have the same number to double the amount of off-price stores as their full-line stores. The big difference is how many Racks there are in scale.

      Off-price retaling is a big trend. You know Sears? Yeah, they’re still around. Retail Insider reported today that it’s going at a last ditch effort to save the business by segmenting part of their current stores for off-price retailing (I’m kinda upset Tom Ford sunglasses will be sold there…) Winners is also expanding.

      My point is that I don’t think the issue lies solely with Nordstrom. It’s with the way we shop. We expect things to be cheap, fast, easy. So it’s no wonder why fast fashion is booming and that’s why the owner of Inditex (Zara, etc) is the world’s richest man.

      I welcome your response.


    1. Hi Christine,
      The photos were taken just before the post was published, at 11am on Tuesday, March 21st. I hear the lineups are not nearly as long now. Good luck shopping!
      – Miranda

  2. Rudeness and poor signage. I walked around for a while and then was told I could not exit the store by the door I came in through. Massive line up while one burly security guard tried to search all the women’s purses who were leaving. I objected to bing made to wait and was told of stay in line. Firstly no store has the right to search shoppers. Second the store manager argued this point with me when I pointed that out. Thirdly there were no signs indicating that searches (illegal or otherwise) would be made of persons. Nordstrom and ignorant staff piss me off.

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