Say Hello to Hola Deodorant

Deodorant, the product we all hopefully use but never really talk about. Why is that? Is it because we feel self-conscious about discussing our body odour and the products we use in correlation with the issue? It’s a product that we use regularly but do we ever think about what we should look for in a deodorant?

Say hello to Hola Deodorants from the creative minds behind Vancouver-base brand Fable Naturals. Gwen and Chris have rebranded to focus their efforts on an eco-friendly line of deodorants, available in three scents. I must admit that when I found out that Fable Naturals would be no more I was quick to grab remaining stock (on clearance for 50% off) and am already dreading the day I use the last of my Lemon Lavender Body Balm. Fable Naturals was founded on the belief that skincare should be natural and produced with fair trade ingredients and Hola Deodorants are no different.

With a creamy consistency that melts into your skin as oppose to sitting on your skin, it’s no wonder why these deodorants are so popular. Packaged in glass jars, the application process differs from your traditional stick deodorants. Because of its coconut oil base, the consistency can alter depending on how the product is stored. I find that it keeps best at room temperature. Rubbing a small amount between your hands before application helps it melt into your skin better.

Another point to be aware if you’re debating trying it out is that Hola is a line of deodorants not an antiperspirant. The main difference between the two is that deodorant helps reduce the bacteria that is produced while perspiring while antiperspirants aim to block out sweat glands entirely. While the latter may seem more appealing for those hot yoga sessions it can actually be more harmful to your body. Antiperspirants contain aluminium, an ingredient that we could all do less with when it comes to health and wellness. One of the biggest pros for using a deodorant instead of an antiperspirant is that deodorants allow your body to produce sweat naturally.

Don’t sweat it, Hola Deodorant has you covered.

Vicki Duong


Vicki Duong is a self-proclaimed multifaceted fashion hustler. Since moving to Vancouver in 2013 she has styled editorial shoots, costumed for film and television, worked in fashion distribution and wholesaling and wardrobed for world tours. When it comes to shopping she keeps the planet and its inhabitants in mind by purchasing sustainable, ethically produced, or second-hand whenever possible.

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