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Throughout the years I’ve adopted a lot with different blog templates for Style by Fire, set us up on self-hosting through Googling articles and shamelessly begged my web hosting company to walk me through the site migration process.

This was the first generation of Style by Fie!

In the beginning, I dabbled a bit with HTML. Even now when something F*s up on the “Visual” side of editing, I have no problem defaulting to the HTML editor. However, one thing that always eluded me were these dreaded three letters: CSS.

I remember working closely with a graphics and website designer, and her stance on it was that CSS is scary, and she wouldn’t touch it. Subconsciously, I adopted this mentality too. After a while, I realized there aren’t readily available HTML pages to edit in WordPress, namely because things were now stylized in CSS, hence the term Cascading Style Sheets.

When Ladies Learning Code reached out to us, I jumped on the chance to work with them. I knew it was time to tackle my CSS fear, so I took a weekend course with LLC. Whether or not you decide to code your own website, it’s good foundational tech skills to have. Coding is the new literacy for empowered women, amirite?

Here are 3 reasons why you’ll love a Ladies Learning Code course:

1. Super friendly (volunteer!) instructors

Blogger Samantha Sito and I trying to implement Nima’s suggestion

What I loved about the LLC course were, first and foremost, the wonderful team. Our instructor, Nima Boscarino, had a very upbeat attitude and walked us through the concepts in a relatable to real life kind of way.

When he was trying to explain how HTML pages are created through nesting containers, he used the concept of physical containers: a person is contained in a car, and in a separate container within the car is the engine. Genius.

If this wasn’t a fun course, would instructor Nima Boscarino pose with me?

If you don’t happen to sit front row like I did (keener only by default because of the limited seats left!) and was able to hog all the instructor’s free time, there’s a 4:1 student to mentor ratio. Whenever you feel left behind, flag down a mentor and you’ll only be a few questions from catching up.

2 Not just basic skills

Two of the best things we learned in the class were, one: How to update font colours. And two: how to change fonts. These might seem like super basic things, but when you get into it, you can be making your header fonts different from your body text, and so on. By the end of the class I could safely say every one was majorly geeking out.

Fonts and colours were actually the main reasons I took this course. If you’re going to pay someone $50+ an hour to do something simple like change a font colour, why not just take the course? FYI: from 10am – 6pm, the course will set you back only $55! It’s totally worth investing your time and tuition dollars.

3 A sense of accomplishment

Ooookay, I know what you’re thinking, it’s something along the lines of “That’s what you made?!?” Firstly, yes! And secondly, there’s plenty of class time to work on your site, or whatever topic you learn about, so use the time to experiment and see how far you can push yourself! Don’t feel the need to make something pretty. The girls sitting at my table created sites selling goats or showing off their foodie adventures. The sky’s the limit. You’ll walk away with a sense of accomplishment and you’ll be as happy as that dancing Snoopy on my site ;)

Coding is the New Black

I’ll be taking another LLC course soon, most likely a level 2 HTML & CSS course to keep building on my foundation.

If you’re interested, check out the upcoming Ladies Learning Code events. This intro to WordPress & Blogging on May 6th sounds pretty cool.

Otherwise, if you’re beyond this level and feel like you could contribute your coding skills, check out their volunteer page.

The course was sponsored by Ladies Learning Code. (PS. those are not affiliate links!)

Photos at Ladies Learning Code by Sebastian Nguyen.

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