Photos: bebe to Close All 180 Stores

When I walked through CF Pacific Centre this weekend, I noticed closing signs at bebe, a sight so familiar to retailers lately I questioned whether I already knew about this news.

Earlier this year, bebe already announced up to 25 store closures. Sources like Retail Insider confirmed that all Canadian stores will close, while Business Insider reports bebe will be closing all physical stores by the end of May. The brand that was so hot in Vancouver in the early 2000s has followed suit in the footsteps of BCBG, MEXX, and Sears,  However, unlike BCBG, it will not be filing for bankruptcy protection.

It’s an interesting time in fashion retail, as two worlds are converging. On the one hand, you have trendy Instagram-born brands selling online only, on the other, long-time brick and mortar retailers are shuttering stores in favour of restructuring and focusing online too. A big factor in evening out this playing field for the majority is behemoth Amazon.

Fun fashion fact: Ever wonder about the name bebe? In the early 2000s there were always debates about whether it’s pronounced “be-be” or if it had a French spin, “bay-bay.” Turns out, it’s actually a Shakspearean spin, Iranian founder Manny Mashouf put a twist on “to be or not to be.”

Below are some photos of the CF Pacific Centre bebe. You can see in the photos the deals still aren’t that great (Dresses $148 down to $103) for a store closing.

Bebe Closing Store Photos

Miranda Sam


Miranda Sam is a fashion and retail writer who loves shopping—and writing about it! Her fashion loves: MAC lipsticks and Saffiano leather.

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