Joe Fresh x lemlem Swimwear Collab Launches Online

The Joe Fresh x lemlem designer swimwear collaboration launches online today, and will be available in-store on May 15th, 2017.

Joe Fresh partnered with lemlem to develop a collection of more children’s wear than women’s wear—15 women’s items, and 19 kid. This includes swimwear, beachwear and accessories featuring the iconic bright stripes of the lemlem line, in various shades of blue, fuchsia pink and classic red.

lemlem is an artisan-driven fashion collection, founded by model (11th highest paid model in 2007, former face of Tom Ford) and women’s health advocate Liya Kebede, is produced in Kebede’s native Ethiopia, creating jobs for local artisans.

When Joe Fresh contacted Style by Fire about its new collection with lemlem, we were intrigued. Firstly, I don’t remember JF doing any collabs before—and I worked at the Vancouver flagship when it first opened. Secondly, the prints are beautiful! Thirdly, the kids stuff is so adorable.

But I couldn’t get a complete sense Kebede’s design aesthetic with the few campaign photos I saw, until I took a peek at her website. I think you’ll know what I mean:

“Collaborating with Joe Fresh on this collection for women and kids is a great way to share what inspires us at lemlem and show how fashion and philanthropy can make a real impact around the world,” said Liya Kebede. “I hope that through this collection more people can come to discover lemlem’s style and the story of what we are creating in Africa.”

I’m not an expert on Ethiopian style, but I really love Kebede’s designs, and will definitely be on the lookout for other Ethiopian designers.

Matching Sets

The adult and kid-sized variations are too cute!

Get it while you can!

As you can see, a regular lemlem scarf costs $175. In other words, get online today or head in-store on the 15th! I know I will.

Campaign photography provided by Joe Fresh. lemlem catalogue photos taken from 

Bikini and shorts c/o Joe Fresh

Miranda Sam


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