Fiveleft Leather Launches New Streamlined Collection

Last fall I introduced readers to local handbag label fiveleft leather goods. After celebrating its milestone 10th anniversary, designer Lincoln Heller has now launched fiveleft’s first official collection aptly named “elleven.”

Embarking on a new decade of design, Lincoln has taken the skills and craftsmanship he has honed over the years and taken the new set of bags to the next level of refinement. The end result – a fleet of minimalist and deceivingly simple pieces with clean lines and monochromatic colours. They are still instantly recognizable as fiveleft, but have now grown up. It’s as if the rebel has matured and grown in confidence, no longer needing to shout to get attention but rather just be.

A quick comparison of the old versus new:

1. Texture versus Matte

Instead of spending endless hours pounding and texturizing the leather, now there is a zen approach to the dyeing process. Colour is applied using broad strokes, leaving just one strip of bare leather.

2. More is More versus Less is More

Traditionally the bags consisted of various pieces of leather sewn or held together by metal studs. The new collection simplifies and strives to cut down the number of pieces to one. For example, the weaving down the sides of the bag actually hold the bag together and are not just decorative.

3. Rockin’ the Metal versus Keepin’ it Clean

Often fiveleft’s gender neutral bags feature prominent hardware which give them plenty of attitude. The new bags retain that attitude, but in a subtler way. Hardware is more discreet and pared down, using zippers rather than clasps. Closures have been simplified to make retrieving your belongings easier and faster.


I love the new collection and still dream of calling one of the handcrafted beauties my own. You can check them out at Circle Craft in Granville Island, fiveleft’s studio in East Van, and online.

Lincoln Heller, Lords Shoes owner Jacqueline Hyde, Aurora, Mandy Carnahan

All images of fiveleft’s classic bags from fiveleft leather good’s website

Aurora Chan

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