Product Review: Swedish Stockings

My love affair with skirts and dresses in inappropriate weather is made possible due to a large selection of tights. Textured, sleek, opaque or sheer – the right pair of tights can elevate an outfit instead of it appearing as if you’re wearing tights just for the sake of the weather. Stockings are a staple in most wardrobes but little to no thought are really given to how their made and whether they’re made to last.

Like most women, I find that a pair of tights never last me long – within the first few wears I inevitably manage to snag through the delicate material resulting in a run leaving me with no option but to discard and repurchase, time and time again. I decided to see if Swedish Stockings could replace the dozens of pairs of stockings I have purchased in the past. I didn’t realize how low my exceptions for stockings were before getting a pair of Swedish Stockings.


When I was first introduced to Swedish Stockings I was intrigued by their sustainability factor. Nylon, which is the most commonly used yarn in modern pantyhose, is created from an environmentally harmful, petroleum-based chemical manufacturing process. Swedish Stockings is different as it produces beautiful products made of recycled yarn. Not one to set the bar low, Swedish Stockings factories also engage in sustainable practices such as using environmentally friendly dyes, purifying the water post treatment and using solar power.

Another sustainable aspect of Swedish Stockings is that they offer a recycling program. Aiming to clean up the hosiery industry, Swedish Stockings offers a 30% discount for those who send in three pairs of ripped stockings (any brand) to their recycling centre. Committed to reduce waste, they grind down old pantyhose into fiberglass tanks for oil traps in the commercial industry. While the reuse purpose is far from glamorous, it is more sustainable than discarding them in a landfill!


Ridiculously reasonably priced with the sheer style starting at $30 CAD and free shipping if you buy two pairs. Compare this to your standard Calvin Klein stockings in department stores at approximately $18 a pair, which last decently long but without the sustainability factor. Swedish Stockings has saved me money because the pair I purchased has already lasted about 4X longer than a pair of stockings normally would.


The stockings are incredibly well made and much more durable than the ones I usually buy. I have a tendency to rip through my stockings easily since I keep my nails long but so far I’ve had the Olivia Black for about two months and not a run in sight. The elasticity in them are better than any other pair of stockings I’ve ever had, I found that they stayed put through an entire day of work without having to readjust awkwardly throughout the day. Because they’re extremely soft and breathable, I’ve been trying to get all of my friends to switch to Swedish Stockings.

The Verdict

Swedish Stockings changed the way I purchase hosiery for the better, not only for my wallet but also for the planet. Prior to trying a pair of Swedish Stockings it was easy to justify buying dozens of pairs of stockings because the cost was so low that ripping them cost no more than a cocktail during happy hour. Do yourself a favour and say “ja tack” (yes please) to this eco-friendly brand from Sweden.

Vicki Duong


Vicki Duong is a self-proclaimed multifaceted fashion hustler. Since moving to Vancouver in 2013 she has styled editorial shoots, costumed for film and television, worked in fashion distribution and wholesaling and wardrobed for world tours. When it comes to shopping she keeps the planet and its inhabitants in mind by purchasing sustainable, ethically produced, or second-hand whenever possible.

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