My First Time at a Luxury Beauty Spa

Back in February, Style by Fire attended the grand opening of SkinCeuticals by Project Skin MD in Richmond Centre, the latest in its chain of cutting edge skincare facilities. As promised, I was treated to a customized facial and MAX + LED Light Therapy session, receiving the Project Skin MD experience first-hand.

Customized Facial

This was my first time getting a facial, so I was actually a bit anxious. Anywhere but the face, I always say. What is that stuff she’s putting on? What’s that tingling feeling? Will my face survive the assault? Am I going to be all red and blotchy after?

Fortunately my aesthetician Juliana Vicic was totally lovely and took great care of me, holding my hand throughout the process and cracking up at my clueless rookie questions.

Getting along with your aesthetician is important as you’re spending a couple of hours together. She’s manhandling your face a lot, and treating you to a shoulder and neck massage as well. When I say a lot, I’m not exaggerating. This is a rundown of the steps involved, each applying a specific SkinCeuticals product:

  1. Cleaning – get rid of debris and makeup from skin
  2. Toner – prep skin for next step
  3. Exfoliation – scrub off dead skin cells
  4. Extraction – manually remove black and whiteheads, blemishes
  5. Gel Peel – lactic and glycolic acids target lines and wrinkles
  6. Mask – calm and soothe skin, contains cucumber, thyme and aloe


  1. Wash mask off, apply Vitamin C – stimulates collagen, provides environmental protection
  2. Eye Gel – Vitamin C for eyes

*MAX + LED THERAPY (15min) – see below*

  1. Triple Lipid Moisturizer – plump and smooth skin
  2. Sunscreen

Whew, my face has never been so pampered. All of the SkinCeuticals products felt very luxurious, thick and silky. My skin felt stimulated, but never irritated. And not a bit of redness or puffiness at the end, just dewy softness to the touch.

MAX + LED Light Therapy

This was the sci-fi part. Using different colour wavelengths of light that scan your face back and forth (Oprah has one of these machines in her home), specific skin issues are targeted. Read our previous post to learn more about it. This is more of a long-term skin treatment so requires time to really see the difference.

Juliana set the machine to target overall dullness and discolouration, which included the colours green, yellow, and blue. All I had to do was put on safety goggles and chill for 15 minutes to the soothing music playing throughout the session.


In the middle of the bustling Richmond Centre shopping mall, SkinCeuticals by Project Skin MD is a quiet and relaxing oasis to treat your face to deserved pampering and customized advanced care. My face was thoroughly spoiled. If Richmond is too far of a trek, Project Skin MD also has facilities in South Granville.


Aurora Chan

Writer & Photographer

Aurora Chan is a photographer, writer, actress, and model. She’s always loved fashion and the art of photography. By age 10, she was stealing her mother’s Vogue magazines and taking pictures with her first camera.

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