Dressed To Impress At Diner en Blanc Vancouver

Arguably one of the world’s biggest outdoor dinner party, Diner En Blanc Vancouver held its 6th annual soiree on August 24th in downtown. With over one-third of the guests being first-time participants, the attendance grew to a record 6000 and was held in the neighbouring Devonian Harbour and Harbour Green Parks in Coal Harbour.

With a sea of revellers all dressed from head to toe in white, those who wanted to stand out in the crowd faced a formidable style challenge to get creative with their ensemble. This usually entailed putting extra thought into the details and adding that extra touch to take your look to the next level. Here are some of the ways guests stood out (good tips to keep in mind for next year!):

Go Big or Go Home

One easy way to make an entrance in a crowd is to go big. Taking up lots of space, whether in the form of a ballerina-like tutu skirt or wedding gown, is always instantly fabulous.

A Head Start

As most of the dinner party involves sitting down at a table, another excellent way to stand out is to decorate your head. Fascinators, floral wreaths, turbans, jewelry, and various hats were easy to scout in the throngs of white.

Get Quirky

Quirky and unexpected details are always a fun surprise, like this guest. Who would expect to see a Russian fur hat and fur bra on a hot summer’s night? Not to mention her pet duck; she carried and puppeteered it with one hand. It actually took me more than a second to confirm that it wasn’t real!


Using your shoes to make a white statement is an even bigger challenge, but this guest did it. Her strappy heels looked like a couple of fluffy creatures from The Muppet Show. Cute!


I chose to get ‘a head start’ and decorated my hair with a handmade corsage of fresh flowers. Using a perishable item means making sure to choose florals that are relatively hardy and can hold its shape overnight, as well as through the evening. I made my corsage the night before and stored it in the fridge. I have numerous silk flower headpieces, but you can’t beat the natural fragrance and look of the real thing.



Aurora Chan

Writer & Photographer

Aurora Chan is a photographer, writer, actress, and model. She’s always loved fashion and the art of photography. By age 10, she was stealing her mother’s Vogue magazines and taking pictures with her first camera.

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