Fashion As High Art At Leisure Center

The title of this post doesn’t even begin to describe the newly opened 22,000 square feet Leisure Center that combines boutique, gallery, café, and community space. Situated in Yaletown, walking around the space is an experience in itself and feels like art museum-slash-department store. To get an idea of how expansive the space is, there is ample room on the ground level to fit an art installation that consists of a 1977 Camaro Rally Sport car on its side.

Everything has been meticulously designed with a stark minimalist aesthetic; even the music is an atmospheric soundscape specifically composed for the store. This minimalism serves as a blank canvas to showcase the products. For example, clothing and shoes are by luxury, hard-to-find and avant-garde labels like Yang Li, Vetements, and Yohji Yamamoto.


Beauty products, homeware, and books each have their own sections. One area of the store focuses on ethical clothing, furniture, and homeware, including bowls made of recycled toilet paper and seaweed chairs. There is also a tonic bar, 20-seat theatre in the basement, a photo studio, and children’s play “office”.

“Leisure Center offers an experience: specifically, the idea of what we should strive for in our leisure time if we redefine leisure time in our everyday life. Life doesn’t begin and end with the objects we purchase.”

Experience Leisure Center 7 days a week at 950 Homer Street, downtown Vancouver.

Photo by Simone Bossi

All photos by Leisure Center, unless indicated. 

Aurora Chan

Writer & Photographer

Aurora Chan is a photographer, writer, actress, and model. She’s always loved fashion and the art of photography. By age 10, she was stealing her mother’s Vogue magazines and taking pictures with her first camera.

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