Good Bye and Happy 2018 from Style by Fire

It is with bittersweet sentiments that we end this year ending our journey with Style by Fire. It’s been a project that we’ve had so much fun working on and though it, had the opportunity to meet all sorts of cool, unique, genuine people. When we started we were each in much different places, and now jobs have changed, as have relationships and we feel it’s the right time to move on. The three of us working together on this blog has changed us if not for the better, then for good (read more here). It’s always hard to say good-bye, so we wanted this last post to look back on the blog while looking forward. Thanks for all the good times and happy 2018!

1. What was your favourite memory from SBF?

Aurora: I don’t think I can distill my memories of SBF to just one favourite, but a major highlight was the privilege of seeing so many amazing runway shows. Sitting on the floor at the end of the catwalk in the photographer’s pit, I had the best seat in the house to have my breath taken away by all of the stunning wearable art floating towards me.

Vicki: It would be so hard for me to pinpoint my favourite memory from SBF because there has been so many great moments. Every time I think I have the answer to this question another memory comes to mind. Overall my favourite experiences have more to do with the connections I made and how these friendships blossomed. Whether it was sneaking out of Vancouver Fashion Week early to get McDonald’s french fries or attending film world premieres, it was definitely the friends I made that make my experiences memorable.

Miranda: Ooh, tough one. Even though I came up with this set of questions! My fave memories fall into two categories: meeting retail executives from companies like Dior and UNIQLO; and doing my part to support my team, whether it’s encouraging Aurora’s artistic eye or guiding Vicki to dig deep and write tough pieces.

2. Which was the best piece you wrote and why?

Aurora: Not sure which one was my best, but my favourite piece to write about was definitely the Style Blind Spot Series. Delving into my lifelong obsession with the colour red and looking up favourite inspiration photos featuring red style was a blast.

Vicki: For me it would probably be the Lululemon piece I wrote. I always looked up to Miranda as a mentor, but this was one of the first times it was really apparent as to why. I had a less-than-great experience while shopping at Lululemon and didn’t think much of it but Miranda really pushed me to explore why I felt the way I felt and write about it. This piece is also very near and dear to my hear because of how well it was received by other people. The comments and feedback on this piece validated how I felt about the situation.

Miranda: My fave was the Ivanka Trump piece. When retailers were dropping her brand left right and centre I went to Nordstrom to “investigate”, and ended up getting a pair of perfectly fitting pumps on discount, along with a moral dilemma. For my article, do I boycott her brand too, and live as a hypocrite? As a writer, I learned that people liked reading the piece because it showed vulnerability—something I’m not used to doing. Also, for the first time I felt like for once I wrote a researched Journalistic piece.

3. What will you miss the most?

Aurora: Meeting designers and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the creative designing process up close and if lucky, hands-on. I came out appreciating what goes into making a handcrafted product that much more.

Vicki: I will probably miss attending events and running into friends randomly the most. It was always a guessing game prior to events as to who would be there and there’s nothing like recognizing a friendly face in a new surrounding.

Miranda: The possibilities and the people.

4. If you had to do it all over again, what would you change?

Aurora: Jump onto the Instagram game a whole lot sooner!

Vicki: This is a tricky question because I wouldn’t want to change anything I got to experience but maybe instead if I could have told myself then to really take in the moments and not to take them for granted. I got to experience things I could have never had envisioned when I moved to Vancouver and sometimes I wished that I slowed down enough to thoroughly enjoy these opportunities.

Miranda: Stop my “food will ruin my lipstick” policy to eat more hors d’oeuvres at events.

5. Parting words? What are you excited for next?

Aurora: I want to thank Miranda for trusting me to join her in co-running SBF – I’ve had the opportunity to explore two of my passions, fashion and photography, at a much more enriched level. It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride over the past 4.5 years, filling my heart with beauty and dreams. I’m open to continuing the journey in fashion and photography, and can be reached at: My Instagram is: @aurorachan.

Vicki: I am most excited to see what comes next! I have been toying around with the idea of continue blogging on my own but right now I’m just excited to take a break from blogging for a bit. I am definitely a project person and right now I’ve been really focusing on improving my cooking skills and taking erotic dance classes. The best way to keep in touch with me is through Instagram or Twitter @vickiduong

Miranda: My heart warms when I think of how Aurora and Vicki have stuck it out with me all these years and continued to push through even when the vision changed, again and again. I learned so much throughout the years and got to extend my love for fashion, retail, and writing beyond the blog (thanks David Ian Gray, Noa Nichol, Ivana Misci, Janine Verreault for taking chances on me). My trio of loves have and always be with me. I’m just excited to see what they will morph into next. For a long-winded version, read this ‘letter from the editor’ style post. In the meantime, I’ll be Instagramming at @miranym or catch me at

xo, SBF

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