About Style by Fire

Style by Fire is your go-to source for Vancouver retail news and fashion events. We’ve got it covered whether it’s new store openings, fashion shows, product reviews, the latest sales, or just fun posts of us indulging in fashion finds.

We started this blog because we all had a love for shopping. But the longer we’re in this industry, the more careless consumption we’re seeing. So you’ll read about us exploring sustainability in fashion, whether it has to do with clearing out our closets (without becoming a minimalist) or trying new eco-beauty products. Learning how to maintain our love of self-expression through clothes while also being good to the planet and people is an ongoing process, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Editorial Policy

We’re not style bloggers with the purpose of making our lives look better than yours (read this article for a critical review of MPDGs). Although we do like to dress in wicked matching outfits for events sometimes! We report on fashion retail news, critically review products without labelling everything “the best!”, and when we’re at events and don’t get what the big deal is, we say so. We’re not hardcore journalists either – we’re here to share the facts first, then add on a personal spin. If this resonates with you, we invite you to read our blog.

We gladly accept products from brands we love, or want to learn more about. The feedback we share is always honest and forthright. When we do accept complimentary products, we clearly mention it in the post.

Who We Are

Miranda Sam

Founder & Editor

Miranda Sam is a writer who loves shopping her way around the world. She founded Style by Fire because every time she visits a new city, she wants to know what’s going on in the market in terms of local designers, cool sales to check out, etc.

Her fashion loves:  MAC lipsticks and Saffiano leather.

Have a story idea, want to advertise, or just say hi? Connect with Miranda at miranda@stylebyfire.ca or via Twitter @StylebyFire.

Photo by Angela Wong Photography

Aurora Chan

Writer & Photographer

Aurora Chan has always loved fashion and the art of photography.  By age 10, she was stealing her mother’s Vogue magazines and taking pictures with her first camera.

Fast forward to Style By Fire, she loves being able to combine both passions.  She strives to provide a useful and entertaining portal into Vancouver’s fashion scene and welcomes any comments and/or suggestions as to how the blog can better serve its readers.  Enjoy!

Connect with Aurora at aurora@stylebyfire.ca or via Twitter.

Photo by Aparte Photography

Vicki Duong

Staff Writer

Vicki Duong is a graduate of Blanche Macdonald Centre. Never one to pass up a great find, Vicki prides herself on being able to keep up with trends without breaking the bank. she uses her love of exploring local boutiques as a way to get to know the city.

Tweet her or find her on Instagram.